Heartfield Political Poster
On The Crisis Party
Of The SPD
Zum Krisen-Parteitag
der SPD
16 x 20

$ 35.95

Poster Size:
  16 x 20 in • 40.64 x 50.84 cm
Image Size:
   15.5 x 19.44 in • 39.37 x 49.38 cm

This is a high-quality Heartfield Shop Political Poster of John Heartfield's famous 20th century political photomontage. Heartfield's collage is a searing visual attack on Germany's corrupt Social Democratic Party (SPD). The SPD controlled Germany prior to the rise of Hitler in January, 1933. The almost hidden swastika on the tiger man's tie pin is a subtle visual cue of The Nazi Party's influence over the SPD

Every effort has been made to faithfully reproduce Heartfield's work of political art. This political art is printed on Enhanced Matte Paper.

Proudly display the art of the political artist who was number five on the Gestapo's most wanted list because he dared to expose political hypocrisy, ignorance, bigotry, and injustice.

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