Climate Change Postcards

$ 3.95

6 x 4 inches (15.24 x 10.16 cm)
John Heartfield Graphic Design
Make A Statement

John Heartfield producedÊpostcards to reveal the lies in propagandaÊduring WWI. The book cover graphicÊhe created for Upton Sinclair is a perfect image for climate change postcards SomeÊgovernment and industry leadersÊclaim it's too expensive to address Climate Change. DevastatingÊweather events have provenÊthe exact opposite.Ê

Mailing a postcard is an easy inexpensive way to let it be knownÊyourÊvote, support, and/or business depends onÊgovernment and industry reaction to this crisis. Keep aÊbeautiful glossy postcardÊto display.

15 percent of the retail price of theseÊpostcards will be donated to anÊanimal rescue organization to help victims without a voice. Send a postcard to protest policies certainÊto cause more suffering forÊpeople and the ones they love.