Our Commitment To Quality Posted on 24 Jun 13:14

As John Heartfield’s grandson and his greatest admirer, I do my best to faithfully reproduce his Dada and political art. The Heartfield Exhibition Shop is expanding slowly because I’ve adopted my grandfather’s painstaking attention to detail and his commitment to realizing his artistic vision. I’ve chosen the highest-quality merchandise to feature John Heartfield Dada and political art images.

The Heartfield Shop employs the latest technology to ensure your privacy and purchase information is protected.

My grandfather’s political art remains incredibly relevant to today's political and social events. The shop offers a selection of political and satiric art that might have been produced this year. Scroll through items on the Products Page and you'll find images that clearly address issues such as ignorance, injustice, and climate change denial.

Of course, I also wanted to feature images that demonstrate my grandfather’s wonderful sense of humor. I was fortunate enough to be with him when he shared it with me.

I'll constantly add items to the shop.

Please use Request An Item if you'd like to see an item added to the Heartfield Shop. The more emails I receive about a particular image, the sooner it will be offered in The Heartfield Shop.

Each item is custom printed within 8-10 days. Delivery times vary depending on your selection at checkout.



John J Heartfield

Curator, The Official John Heartfield Exhibition & Archive