John Heartfield's Grandson. A Message For Heartfield Shop Visitors

Hello. I’m John J Heartfield, John Heartfield's grandson and curator of The Official John Heartfield Exhibition & Archive. David King of the Tate Modern, London, calls John Heartfield, “The greatest political artist and designer of the twentieth century.”

Yet, except for a dedicated group of admirers, the story of John Heartfield's incredible life and his groundbreaking art remains relatively unknown.

Museums such as MOMA, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Getty Museum, and The Holocaust Museum want to display John Heartfield's art. However, The Heartfield Archiv, Akademie der Künste, has categorically refused to loan any of Heartfield's art they hold so the public can enjoy it.

The John Heartfield Exhibition Shop supports The Official John Heartfield Exhibition, A Powerful Art Museum. Profits from The John Heartfield Exhibition Shop go to acquiring staff, purchasing equipment, and spreading the word about powerful political art and satire.

The Exhibition includes contemporary artists influenced by John Heartfield. They believe political art doesn't pivot! The Exhibition's goal is to “use it as a weapon” against the ignorance, bigotry, and violence that remains a day-to-day fact of our lives.

The Heartfield Shop is like any museum shop. Heartfield Shop Posters are not John Heartfield's original art, just as posters of Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" are not his original painting.

The John Heartfield Exhibition Shop is dedicated to providing you with the safest and friendliest online shopping experience possible. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We offer only the finest quality merchandise with images that are reproduced and printed with care. It’s one reason the Heartfield Exhibition Shop is opening with a limited number of items. Please Contact Us with your thoughts about The Heartfield Shop. 

You can always Ask For An Item To Be Added.

Currently, The John Heartfield Exhibition features only a small part of John Heartfield’s artistic legacy. I’ll constantly be adding more John Heartfield artwork and features.

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John J Heartfield
Curator, The Official John Heartfield Exhibition & Archive