Posters For Our Customers In Europe Are Now Shipped From Europe!

The Exhibition Shop always strives to offer more items and better service to our customers. Exhibition Shop items are printed and shipped by Printful, a proven printing company that uses the finest technology and techniques to ensure great results. Printful officially opened a new European fulfillment center on August 1, 2017.

What Does The Addition Of European Printing and Shipping Mean?

1. The Shop now supports shipping from The United States and Europe. Heartfield Shop Posters are the first items that will be shipped directly from Europe to customers in Europe and neighboring regions. 

2. Most orders from Europe or a neighboring region will be sent from Latvia, eliminating customs duties for EU member states and speeding up transit times to an average of 5-10 business days.

3. Other shop items will be fulfilled in Europe as soon as those items are stocked by European suppliers.

The Exhibition Shop offers "Made In The USA" products whenever possible. The shop is currently researching comparable highest-quality items made in Europe to reduce shipping costs for our customers. 

All sales in The John Heartfield Exhibition Shop support The Official John Heartfield Exhibition, a museum dedicated to distributing art of integrity and courage.